IP protection for your innovations & brand

IP protection for your innovations & brand

Protecting your commercial ideas

Whether you are bringing a new product to market or need help protecting your brand, Bridle IP can assist. We provide strategic advice and assistance to maximise the value of all your intellectual property. Our services include obtaining patents, trade marks and designs; maintaining, enforcing and defending your IP rights; strategic portfolio management; and patent searching.

Patent Protection

As the owner of a patent, you may enjoy the benefits of exclusive rights to your invention, including protection from competitors and the ability to profit from licensing or selling your invention.

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Trade Marks

Having a trade mark registration for your brand may help you establish a unique identity, build brand recognition and loyalty among your customers, and protect your business from potential trademark infringement by competitors.

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Design Protection

Having design protection for your product's unique appearance may help you stand out in the marketplace, prevent others from copying your design, and enable you to focus on the growth of your business.

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IP Audit

An IP audit can help you identify and protect your valuable intellectual property assets, manage risks, and maximise the value of your business, thereby providing a competitive edge and greater confidence in your future growth.

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“We have worked with Bridle IP for well over a decade, and in all that time we’ve been impressed with the outstanding level of service, responsiveness, and knowledge that we encounter on every matter that Andy and his team have handled for us.”

Specialists in UK and European IP Law

Bridle Intellectual Property is a firm of UK and European patent attorneys and have vast experience with patents, trade marks, designs and copyright copyright. We can advise you in relation to your IP requirements.

Our national and  international clients range from individuals to multinationals. We are here to provide a valuable service to our clients tailored to meet their specific needs.

We have expertise in a wide range of technical areas, including pharmaceuticals, chemistry, biotechnology, food technology, medical devices and mechanical devices.


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