Patent Services

Protecting your inventions

Patent Services

Protecting your inventions

Do not let your creativity and hard work go to waste. With a patent, you can secure protection for your concept as you take your invention from concept to customer.

Your ideas have the potential to make the world a better place and to help drive change.

Whether that means providing medical treatments, reducing energy consumption or making everyday tasks easier, it is advisable to protect your intellectual property. We can assist with all aspects of patent protection, from application to  granted patent, patent renewals, patent disputes & overseas patents.

Registering your Patents

if you wish to protect your invention, our attorneys can guide you through the entire process, ensuring that your invention is properly protected.

Defending & Enforcing

Once granted, you may need to defend your patent rights against an attack from a competitor. Alternatively, you may wish to enforce your patent rights against an infringer. We have relevant experience in both enforcing and defending patents.

Opposing Patents

A competitor may seek to obtain patent protection that you feel covers an aspect of one of your existing products or that you simply believe is not valid. In such cases, it may be possible to challenge the grant of the competitor’s patent. This process is known as opposition. We are able to advise and assist you to oppose a competitor’s patent where this may impact your business.

Support & Advice

Navigating the complex world of intellectual property can be a daunting task, but with our support and advice, you do not have to do it alone.

What you get from Bridle IP

A committed team of patent attorneys ready to assist and advise you in relation to your intellectual property requirements.

Specialist Team

With direct contact to someone who will know all the details of your case


Our attorneys have a wide range of experience of patent matters in different technical fields


Friendly, yet professional team ready to help

“Whether it’s maintaining our applications on a yearly basis, or detailed strategy on obtaining the most comprehensive protection for our inventions, Bridle IP has always delivered.”

Frequently Asked Questions: Patents

Patents are granted by governments to protect inventions. They can be obtained for new products, processes and methods of use. They usually last 20 years (most countries), once granted the patent provides the owner with exclusive rights to prevent others from working within the scope of the patent. Bridle IP can help you to research, register, defend and oppose a patent. If you need help contact us today to get started.

No, a patent is not necessary to exploit an invention. However, without a patent, you may be unable to stop competitors making, importing and/or selling a competing product.

A patent can be obtained for a product (e.g. a widget, an apparatus, a system, ) or a process (e.g. a manufacturing process), provided that the invention does not fall within an excluded category for which patents are not granted. Examples of excluded categories include mathematical methods, presentation of information, scientific theories and works of art.

The invention must be This means that is must not have been made public in any way. Being made available to the public includes telling anyone else about your invention, other than in confidence. If you want to talk to other people about your invention before filing for a patent application, let us know and we can provide a Confidentiality Agreement. In this context, it should be noted that a new combination of known components would be counted as a new product.

It must not be This means that it must not be a very simple variant of a known product. However, the legal test for obviousness is very complicated. We can give you specific advice about this.

The invention must be capable of being made or used. Most inventions satisfy this requirement.

For a UK patent application, the application must be made to the UK Intellectual Property Office. You can make the application yourself or you can appoint a Patent Attorney to act on your Chartered Patent Attorneys are professionally qualified people who are experienced in applying for patents on behalf of clients and dealing with the subsequent procedures.

A patent will last up to 20 years from fil However, renewal fees are typically payable to keep the patent in force. If the renewal fees are not paid, the patent will lapse.

It is important to note that patents are This means that they only provide protection in the country for which they are granted. In other words, a UK patent will only provide protection in the UK.

As the owner of a patent, you can prevent manufacture and sale of a product, or use of a process, in the patent territory. You can also prevent importation into that country. However, the rights conferred by a patent do not extend beyond the country that has granted the patent.

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