Designs Case Study

Our client created a range of aesthetically pleasing window blind headrails which turned out to the commercially very successful. We were able to secure design registrations for the design of the headrails in a number of countries.

A competitor brought out a competing headrail that was almost a direct copy of our client’s headrail. The competitor’s headrail was determined to infringe the design registrations and we proposed an amicable settlement of the matter. The competitor refused to settle the infringement issue and the legal proceedings against the competitor were brought before the Patents County Court.

The Judge concluded that the design registrations were valid and infringed by the competitor. As a result of this, the competitor was ordered to pay a proportion of our client’s costs, damages and to deliver to our client all of the infringing stock that was held by the competitor, which amounted to several tonnes of aluminium headrails.