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Bridle IP can provide certain specialist services to clients. These specialist services primarily relate to the pharmaceutical industry, but some may be applicable to other technology areas.

Pharmaceutical drafting and prosecution
Based on many years spent working within and with the pharmaceutical industry, we provide best practice in the drafting and prosecution of pharmaceutical cases.

Freedom to operate
We advise clients on infringement risks and the validity of third party patent rights in connection with proposed new products.

We are able to have searched patent and related publications to locate documents that are relevant to specific products or concepts.

Patent term extensions
We advise clients in the pharmaceutical industry on matters relating to patent term extensions and supplementary protection certificates.

Licensing and assignments
We are able to provide due diligence advice in connection with the in-licensing and acquisition of IP rights. We can also advise on licence agreements and assignments.

Portfolio and product lifecycle management
We can analyse IP portfolios and identify weaknesses where IP protection may be limited to reduce costs and strengths where IP protection might be increased to extend protection for core products or technologies.

Patents Patents
Patents protect inventions and provide the patent owner with exclusive rights to exploit their invention for a limited period...
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Trademarks Trademarks
Trademarks distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors.
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Design Design
Designs protect the look of an article. They can be either registered or unregistered...
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Copyright Copyright
Copyright historically has protected literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works.
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