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About Us

Bridle Intellectual Property serves a diverse range of clients, from individuals to multinational corporations and we aim to provide the same high levels of service to all of our clients, regardless of their size. For details of the experience we have acquired through the many years spent advising clients on intellectual property matters, please click “Experience”.

We provide our clients with high quality professional advice across a wide range of technologies. The firm has particular experience in handling new technologies originating from the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and drug delivery devices, chemistry, materials science, packaging and engineering. For a snapshot of the technologies where we have experience, please click “technical & legal”.

Unlike many firms, the professionals within Bridle Intellectual Property have significant experience of European Patent Office opposition and appeal proceedings. For details of the legal experience we can offer our clients, please click “technical & legal”.

In addition to the general intellectual property services the firm offers, we are also able to offer specialist services in the areas of pharmaceuticals and chemistry. Please click “specialist services” for more details.


Patents Patents
Patents protect inventions and provide the patent owner with exclusive rights to exploit their invention for a limited period...
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Trademarks Trademarks
Trademarks distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors.
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Design Design
Designs protect the look of an article. They can be either registered or unregistered...
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Copyright Copyright
Copyright historically has protected literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works.
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