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Patents are intended to protect inventions. They can be obtained for new products, processes and methods of use. They have a limited lifetime, but during that time, they provide the patent owner with exclusive rights to prevent others from working within the scope of the patent. 

It is essential that details of the invention are kept confidential at least until a patent application has been filed.

Further information about patents and how to obtain them can be obtained by following the relevant links.

Introduction to patents

The UK patent system

The European patent system

Patents Patents
Patents protect inventions and provide the patent owner with exclusive rights to exploit their invention for a limited period...
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Trademarks Trademarks
Trademarks distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors.
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Design Design
Designs protect the look of an article. They can be either registered or unregistered...
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Copyright Copyright
Copyright historically has protected literary, artistic, musical and dramatic works.
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